The Sun’s Speech

The sky brightened up and warmth spread around this particular part of the globe.
Rays were absorbed by stones, plants and animal life, rising up.
On a rock formation, on top of a plateau, awaited the remnants of an egg.
The animal that freed itself from it was resting nearby. It looked at the firmament, at its centre in front of it: there was the Sun, hovering statically in space, speaking with a low fragile voice to all of Creation. The animal pricked up its ears to be able to hear better.
The Sun spoke: “Sadly the world has suffered an irreparable loss. Well, so it seems to me, and now it’s time to heal the hurts.”
No sooner the animal had heard these solemn words, it could indeed feel the hurt deep inside. This was serious, acute. This wasn’t a place of boredom, but a place where things happen, in fact, where anything can happen.
The Sun’s still mighty Voice continued its speech, or whatever you want to call it.
“We have to get out of the shadows and show the world what we’re made of. Hiding is hideous. Showing is charming.”
And with that, it started to rise up in the sky, higher and higher, getting smaller and brighter in colour, losing its redness and becoming more and more yellow. The animal stood there gaping It took a while before it became aware of the dryness – both inside its body and in its surroundings – and in dire need of something wet..

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